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Volunteer Program

Why do we need your help?

Every week, our wonderful volunteers make a real difference to the lives of our residents, patients and clients.


Opportunities to volunteer include:

  • 3 residential aged care facilities

  • Planned Activity Groups for older people

  • Program for young people with a disability 

  • Acute in-hospital 

  • Exercise program for older people

  • Administration at the Tarwin Lower Community Centre

  • Support to people in our Palliative Care program.


Orientation, training and ongoing support will be provided.

How can you make a difference?

As a volunteer you can:

  • Visiting residents & patients 1 on 1

  • Take part in the many group activities & outings 

  • Provide support to people & their families in the palliative care program

  • Administration assistance


It can be as simple as having a chat with a resident, taking them for a stroll around the gardens, read a book or the local papers, listening to music or enjoying a cup of tea together.

What skills do you need?
  • You need to enjoy spending time talking and listening to others.

  • You need to be part of a team.

  • You need to undertake a police check and training with our Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Importantly, you need patience, compassion and a great sense of humor.

  • You need to commit a few hours a week and be reliable.

How do you become a volunteer?

Help brighten someone's day. Knowing that someone is coming to visit is so important to patients and lonely residents and can be thoroughly rewarding for you too.


To become a volunteer please contact:


Volunteer Co-ordinator

Ph: 5667 5536




03 5667 5536



Mon - Fri

9.00am to 4.30pm

Why do we need your help
How can you make a difference
What skills do you need
How do you become a volunteer?

We are currently looking for a Volunteer Bus Driver

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for more information

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