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Residential Care

  • Alchera House 
    20 nursing home beds co-located with the Korumburra Hospital. 


  • Hillside Lodge
    30 hostel beds located on the hospital grounds at Korumburra. 

  • Koorooman House
    36 nursing home beds located on the grounds at Leongatha Hospital.


If you need aged care services, please visit to get the process started.

Although it can be a worrying and emotional time when you need to consider nursing home or hostel accommodation for a loved one, help is available. 

Each facility has an appointed Unit Manager who is charged with the day-to-day running of the facility and ensuring that the best possible care is given to the residents by our staff.  Please feel free to contact any of our  Unit Managers for advice. 

Our facilities continuously strive for excellence in residential care with respect to the individual’s emotional, spiritual, social, physical and intellectual needs.

Care recipients are individually assessed and quality care provided with respect for personal privacy and independent choice.


It is our wish to provide a safe, secure and home like environment in accordance with the “Charter of Aged Care Rights.”

Let us welcome you home.

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