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Pregnant women receive antenatal education online

Pictured are midwives Dayna Leatham and Gillian Curry.

To reduce face-to-face contact with pregnant women during the Coronavirus pandemic, antenatal education has gone online for parents-to-be booked in to have their baby at the Leongatha Hospital.

Gippsland Southern Health Service’s Midwives Dayna Leatham and Gillian Curry have created a series of video clips with relevant resources and information. Covering topics from when to call the hospital, when to come in, active labour, coping mechanisms, 2nd & 3rd stage labour and when things don’t go to plan. Also included is a “Meet-the-Team” page which has photos of the team, along with a 360 virtual tour of our Maternity Services Unit.

During the Coronavirus visitor restrictions, we’ve been unable to conduct our regular Antenatal Education classes or tours of the Maternity Services Unit. It’s been difficult for parents-to-be to plan for their birth without meeting our great team or getting to see the excellent facilities available at the Leongatha Hospital. The plan is also to set up online meetings for groups of 5 or 6 couples when they are around the 36 week mark in hopes of encouraging questions about the information in the videos and to give them connections with other people around the same stage.

For more information and to register and access the free antenatal education please visit


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