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Referring to Inpatient Maintenance Care Services at GSHS

GSHS offers acute and subacute inpatient care.

These include:

  • Acute

  • Maintenance Care

  • Palliative Care

Please note: GSHS does not have rehabilitation/GEM beds.

All referrals for inpatient acute and subacute beds require a referral form to be completed. You can download the referral form by clicking here


Instructions for completing form:

  • Please complete all sections and pages of referral form 

  • Please fax referrals to appropriate site.

  • If client is happy to be referred to either campus, please ensure form is faxed to both.

    • Korumburra campus

      • Phone (03) 5654 2753

      • Fax no (03) 5654 2769

    • Leongatha campus

      • Phone (03) 5667 5669

      • Fax no (03) 5667 5626

  • Please ensure all appropriate documents are attached to referral

What is Maintenance Care?

The aim of Maintenance Care is to support patients who have ongoing care needs but no longer require an acute admission. Maintenance Care aims to reduce inappropriate long stays in acute and subacute beds and improve patient flow. While the program’s intention is to give people more time to meet goals or improve function, it should still be considered a short-term care episode. Maintenance Care is not a substitute for rehabilitation and as such has limited access to Allied Health Services.

​Referrals to inpatient Maintenance Care can be made by medical professionals and is available at both campuses of GSHS, placement will depend on factors such as the patient's home location and available bed capacity at the requested campus.

All referrals for inpatient Maintenance Care will require the GSHS referral form to be completed. Before making a referral for inpatient Maintenance Care at GSHS, consider checking the patient meets the admission criteria for inpatient sub-acute care:

GSHS provides Level 2 Sub-acute care 

This is considered a local service that provides a single stream and/or restorative/supportive care service with the aim of maintaining function in patients with less complex needs. It is supported by core allied health and nursing staff.


  • Patients shall be sufficiently medically stable without need for acute management or intervention.

  • Requires minimal review, treatment and management by a physician and multi-disciplinary team (MDT).

  • Patient has realistic and achievable goals to improve function.

  • Patient has capacity to learn and process new information.

  • Patient demonstrates an ability to participate in active rehabilitation.

  • There should be reasonable expectation that the patient will have a defined plan regarding an ongoing formal rehabilitation programme, return to their pre-morbid place of residence with minimal services or have a view to Aged Care Placement and planning be well underway or at least commenced.

  • Patient consents and agrees to be an active participant in the rehabilitation program.

For further information, please contact the Deputy Director of Nursing Leongatha or the After Hours Coordinator team on (03) 5667 5669.

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