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What information is collected and why is it necessary?

The information we collect such as personal and health details, is necessary to help us plan effectively for your care during your hospital stay and when at home. All employees of Gippsland Southern Health Service are bound by a duty to protect your privacy and the confidentiality of this information.


How is this information used?

Your information is used for:-

  • The effective management of your care by the health care team directly involved;

  • Planning of healthcare services generally;

  • Improving the quality of our services; and

  • Conducting approved research projects.


In these last situations, details identifying you are removed.

When is your information disclosed and to whom?

Information held in your record will be released as required by law in the following situations:-


  • Reporting of Communicable Diseases to the Public Health Department of Human Services;

  • Reporting of unidentified basic information (ie not your name) to the Department of Human Services;

  • When required by subpoena as evidence in court; and

  • Information may be released in emergency situations to assist your immediate care; to inform family and next-of-kin of your general condition; and to inform your doctor who will undertake your ongoing care at home.


No information is provided to other third parties not involved in your episode of care without your written consent. If you do not want information shared with someone, you must notify the staff member caring for you.


How is this information stored and disposed of safely?

When you become a patient/client of Gippsland Southern Health Service, a medical record is made on paper and held securely in the Medical Records Department. Limited information is stored on a secure computer system. Each time you attend the hospital or receive a service from us, new information is added to the record. These records are kept for 15 years after your last attendance. They are then destroyed using a secure means such as shredding.


How can you access your own information?

In accordance with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1988 and the Health Privacy principles, you are entitled to access the information that Gippsland Southern Health Service holds in your record. If there is information in the record which you believe is incorrect or with which you disagree, you have the right to request that it be corrected.


Need more information?

If you have any questions or would like to request access to your medical record, please speak to the staff caring for you or contact the Freedom of Information/Privacy Officer at the address and telephone numbers listed below.


Contact Details

Gippsland Southern Health Service

66 Koonwarra Road



Tel:  03 5667 5508

What information is collected and why is it necessary
How is ths informatio used
When is yor informatin disclosed and to whom
How is this inormaion stored and disposed of safely
How can you acces your own information
Need more information
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