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Health Promotion


Gippsland Southern Health Service work as part of a wider primary prevention & health promotion team across Bass Coast and South Gippsland.

The South Coast Prevention Team is a result of a strong commitment by Bass Coast Health, Gippsland Southern Health Service, South Gippsland Hospital and South Coast Primary & Community Partnership to work collectively across the sub-region with pooled health promotion resources. This model provides clearer policy direction and delivers better alignment of prevention work to the broader health agenda across the sub-region.

The South Coast Prevention team work with our partners to identify health priorities for our community, with consideration of local health and wellbeing data, the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2019 – 2023 and extensive community consultation. The priority areas set the direction for sub-regional health and wellbeing efforts for the coming four years, via the Healthy Communities Plan 2021 – 2025.

Our Story: Community Health and Wellbeing Profile provides the health and wellbeing data of our community along with this animated video



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Our priority health areas are;

Creating Healthy Lifestyles

Focusing on:
•    Increasing Healthy Eating
•    Increasing Active Living 
•    Reducing tobacco related harms 


Improving Equity

Focusing on:
•    Deliver a whole of community approach to family violence

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The South Coast Prevention Team is guided by the following Primary Prevention Principles;
•    Action focused 
•    External focus from a leadership position 
•    Delivering at scale
•    Local collaboration 


Key to the delivery of the work is a platform of strong and effective partnerships. These partnerships span health services, local government, schools, early childhood services, sporting clubs, private businesses, state agencies, water corporations and community-based organisations.

South Coast Prevention Team

South Coast Prevention Team (left to right): Sarah, Beth, Rebecca, Janelle, Rachel 

Like to know more? 
To find out more about the team, projects and resources visit their website

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