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The Austral Hotel is ‘Greening’ up their menu

The Austral Hotel is making it simple for their customers to eat healthier whilst dining at their bistro. Just in time for Mother’s Day they will be launching their new ‘Green’ menu.

As part of the sub-regional Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice Project, The Austral Hotel’s new menu contains options that have been assessed as the healthiest choice against the Department of Health and Human Services Healthy Choices Guidelines. These items are identified as being a good source or fibre, protein, low in fat, sugar and salt.

Kitchen Manager, Greg Fowles says “being a part of this project has made us realise that there are some simple things we can do to make our dishes healthier. We have kept our traditional meals but will be testing out some healthier alternatives on our new green menu board”.

As we head into the cooler months it can be easy to reach for the comfort foods, this menu will support the local community to pick tasty and healthy options instead.   This project is supported by the Victorian Government.

Pictured is Sarah Davies and Greg Fowles.


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