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Mirboo North Hotel is making the healthy choice the easy choice for their community

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Jess and Lloyd are ready to launch their new Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice menu board

‘Making the healthy choice the easy choice’ project was recently launched across South Gippsland and Bass Coast. The project is working with selected local food businesses to pilot changes to their establishment to support our community to choice the healthiest option when dining out.

Mirboo North Hotel is one of those sites participating in the project. During their first cycle of changes to ‘green’ up their menu, the bistro is making it easier for their patrons to eat healthy with the launch of their healthy options menu on 1 July.  The bistro now has a menu board dedicated solely to healthy choices, there is even something there for the little ones.

Owner Trish says “we have so many customers coming in asking what is in certain dishes as they are trying to eat healthy, so making it easy for them by clearly see which options are the healthiest was such a simple way to support this”.

The menu items have been classified as the healthiest choice against the Department of Health and Human Services Healthy Choices Guidelines. These items are identified as being a good source or fibre, protein, low in fat, sugar and salt.


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