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The right information

Gippsland Southern Health Service (GSHS) says incorrect information has been circulating in the community about a positive COVID-19 test.

It was announced last Friday that a GSHS staff member had tested positive to coronavirus.

However, some social media posts have since claimed this was a false positive and the health worker has been given the all clear.

GSHS CEO Mark Johnson said this information was incorrect. “As far as GSHS is concerned, it is still considered a positive test and people shouldn’t assume they can just go out of quarantine,” he said.

The rules are clear. All positive cases are required to isolate until clearance is received from the Department of Health and Human Services. People who are identified as close contacts of a confirmed case of Covid-19 must quarantine until the date stated in the notice from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Mr Johnson said the employee had followed correct procedures by calling in sick, isolating and presenting for testing.

GSHS is continuing to provide support for the employee and urged everyone in the community to remain vigilant about hand hygiene, physical distancing, good cough or sneeze etiquette, and staying home as much as possible.

“If you are sick, stay isolated and arrange to get tested,” Mr Johnson added.

For further information go to the DHHS website at


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