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23 April 2020

Regent Theatre, Yarram

GSHS Inservice
Venous Leg Ulcer Compression Therapy Workshop
Time & Location

22 April 2020 at 11:00:00 pm

Regent Theatre, Yarram

210 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971, Australia


This program is presented by the Regional Wounds Victoria - Regional Wound Management Clinical Nurse Consultants. This is an interactive day aimed at Nurses working in community based care. Participants are advised to wear loose clothing suitable for compression application.



 Lower limb vascular assessment

 Clinical symptoms of PAD

 Ankle/Toe Brachial Pressure Index

 Performing a Buergers test

 Differential diagnosis of venous vs arterial leg ulcers

 Lower limb assessment chart

 Mechanisms of compression therapy

 Modes of compression

 Factors influencing client tolerance

 Choosing the right compression


 Elastic and inelastic bandaging

 Zinc paste bandages

 Multilayer bandage systems

 Tubular bandages, stockings and hosiery

 Other options

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