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What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

A continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, measures the glucose level of a person with diabetes every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. It reveals information that finger-prick testing and pathology tests can’t provide.


Blinded CGM trials at Gippsland Southern Health Service

At Gippsland Southern Health Service we are able to offer a one week blinded CGM trial for people with diabetes. This can help to identify specific problems with glycaemic control and allow tailoring of medication use and lifestyle advice to help improve diabetes management.

There is an initial appointment with our Diabetes educators for set up of the CGM sensor and recorder.

For the next 6 days the client is required to fingerprick test their glucose level 3-4 times daily for calibration of the CGM device. They also keep a daily log of meals, medication and exercise.


At a follow up appointment at the end of the week, the data is uploaded by the Diabetes Educator. The Diabetes Educator discusses the results with the client and provides customised reports to the client and their GP.


If you have any clients you believe would benefit from this service please ask them to arrange an appointment with one of the Diabetes Educators by calling our Gateway service on 5654 2737.


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