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18 February 2020

KHouse/Hillside/General Ward/MFW/Alchera

GSHS Inservice
Malnutrition Screening and Awareness
Time & Location

18 February 2020 at 3:00:00 am

KHouse/Hillside/General Ward/MFW/Alchera

66 Koonwarra Road LG & Bridge Street KB


Inservice by GSHS Dietician Team 

Multiple opportunities @ 2.00pm

Mon Feb 10th & Tues 11th : Koorooman House and Hillside 

Mon Feb 17th & Tues 18th : LG Gen Ward and KB MFW / Alchera

Mon Feb 24th & Tues 25th : Koorooman House and Hillside

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