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Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program?

The six week Cardiac Rehabilitation program can help you return to activities you enjoy doing.


The program is run at the Korumburra Hospital on Tuesday afternoons. Each session includes a health topic discussion, an exercise session and afternoon tea.


Information about heart health, risk factor modification, lifestyle changes, healthy diet, exercise, blood pressure, medications and depression will be discussed by various health professionals.


Following the information session, a one hour exercise program is conducted by the
physiotherapist and cardiac rehabilitation nurse.  You will be given an exercise program suited to your individual fitness and wellness level.  We will monitor your vital signs during the program.


The exercise session is followed by an informal chat over afternoon tea with the Occupational Therapist (OT). The OT can help with goal setting, stress management, returning to work issues, relaxation and resuming activities of daily living.  You will have a chance to speak individually with the cardiac nurse, physiotherapist or occupational
therapist during your time at rehab.


What is the role of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse? 
  • Monitor your blood pressure, pulse rate and overall wellness during the program.  Any medical concerns and questions are discussed with the nurse and further action will be taken if required. The nurse will contact medical staff to assess you if necessary.

  • Provides phone support to you at home following your admission to hospital.


  • Communicates directly with General Practitioners, major hospitals, Cardiologists and the Allied Health Team regarding your care.


What is the cost? 

As Cardiac Rehabilitation is a subsidised program, Gippsland Southern Health Service is able to provide the program with minimal cost to you. Fees can be discussed upon acceptance to the program.  Invoices are mailed out at the completion of the program.



How to contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse? 

Please call Kathryn Croatto, Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator on 5654 2718 on Mondays & Tuesdays.  A message can be left at all other times.


65 Bridge Street

Korumburra Victoria

Postal Address:

65 Bridge Street

Korumburra  Vic  3950


03 5654 2737


03 5654 2707



Mon, Tue & alternate Wed

8:30am to 5pm

What is the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
What is therole of the Cardic Rehabilitation Nurse
What is the cost
How to contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse
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